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Priests that lived here

The most venarable akiriyagala dhammaloka

he was the chief incumbent fo the abmaraluwa sri sadarmarama and the naranwala sri bodirukkarama he once held sevaral posts , such as the chief district administrative post in the kelaniya rural buddhist society attached to the ramana (sect) school

venarable sri jinorasa in poddaragahamulla

this buddhist thero had been living a long time under the rev. akiriyagala dhammaloka thero until his passing away on 30 th november 1995 . this thero had a very good knowledge of english , pali sanskrit and hindi .

venarable dodampe sumanakeerthi thero

venerable dodame sumana keerthi thero the incumbent or the high priest of uruwala vivekarama has been worked as th e director monk of the sri sumanakeerthi maha pirivena. this thero passed away on 9th january 2008 .