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The procedure of the pirivena

the function and the procedure of the pirivena

There are classes ranging from primary to the higher studies (i.e. primary, pracheena mid and final) in our pirivena and teacher on the staff are also trying their best to give a prominent education to the student without any discrimination’s many subjects are being taught here in hoping to produce good products to the society. when we concern the functions of our pirivena with other pirineas, it shows a great difference clearly. some teachers on the staff are, the persons who got ordinated under the present principal Rev. uruvala vineetha thero so , it can be reyarded as a special mark.

The naranwala sri sumanakeerthi maha pirivena is one of the biggest pirivens that settle larger number of buddhist monks in the district of gampaha. the high priests and other monks in the buddhist temples around it always call them for their many religious activities such as alms giving, pirith chanting ceremonies , bodhi poojas , pindapath activities (buddhist monks going on begging around) funerals and many other religious activities . our student monks always join them . in addition tho that they join the sila Champlain and Buddhist sermons during the time of kitina(retreat) many little lay students(young boys) are ordained and higher ordination ceremonies are done on behalf of the buddhism.

At present eighty young juvenile monks and ten higher ordained monks are dwelling in this pirivena. the education health and other needs of the resident monks are done ispite of th e economical problems . the haranwela sri dhammaloka buddhist school that attached to this place also give a dhamma (doctrines or buddha’s teachings) to the younger generations in this area.there are about four hundred students in this dhamma school. the buddhist monks on the staff of this pirivena, and the elserly students in this dhamma school are teaching to the younger student genaration. so , one can understand the great services done through this sri sumana keerthi maha pirivena to the nation.